Impatient Management’s CEO is
Rob Taylor

With experience stretching back over 30 years, Rob has developed a mix of Executive and CEO management experience. He also has Board leadership from both the creative industries and charitable, not-for-profit social enterprise sector. He’s led the board of a large supported housing provider, an award-winning media charity, a charity developing projects around spirituality and culture in South Asian Communities and a leading award winning BAME arts development organisation with UK and international commitments.

Rob’s earned his reputation working successfully in a variety of business recovery and turnaround roles at CEO or Executive Director level. There are also boards on which Rob is a statutory appointee.

Rob works with small and medium sized businesses to support the directors and owners to develop their companies.

He’s used his considerable expertise across a number of sectors, helping to create strategy and culture in the organisation. Rob specialises in training, consultancy and organisational development / review work.

Rob has been effective at leading top teams in a rapidly changing environment. He has an focus on supporting the contributions of key staff to make their talents count. Rob used to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. However, he decided that there were better ways to spend his money.

Impatient Management is a doorway to a large community of associated professionals and knowledge specialists. Some have called it an “eclectic collective”.

Photo by David Weight

Impatient Management